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About me

Ever since I can remember, I have enjoyed textile crafts and Made With Love and Fibres is my way of sharing my passion with other enthusiasts by offering patterns, tips, and technique tutorials. For me, knowing that there are people who are as passionate about my interests as I am means everything, and it’s exciting to connect with others.

As a keen stitcher from preschool days, I recall my mum helping me make a simple elasticated skirt for a baby cousin, while she embroidered flowers on a matching top when I was about four. I remember the thrill of seeing the finished item and knowing I'd created something that someone could wear and I think that's where it all started.


I wanted to learn to knit and crochet too but struggled as my mum was left handed and I wasn't but I'd watched her a lot and it just didn't look or feel right to me when kind friends and relatives helped me knit the right handed way. In November 2006 I found a pattern for a top that I really wanted, so I thought I’d have another go and this time I tried learning continental knitting from a book. It really worked well for me and now I can’t stop knitting; I have thirty years to catch up on, after all! I started crocheting a few months later and love both crafts, although I like to keep up with my sewing too.

Get involved

I love opportunities to have a chat or work with others who love fibre crafts too.


Makers: If you've made one of my patterns or used one of my resources or have an idea for something I should include on this site, do let me know. It's so exciting to see what others have made using my patterns and your suggestions are so helpful for planning future patterns and resources.

Commercial: If you would like to discuss your requirements for freelance design work or opportunities for collaborative projects, then I would love to hear from you.

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