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Affiliate links on Made with Love and Fibres

Wooden Furls Streamline crochet hook on a stack of orange, beige and coral Furls Wanderyarn
Yarn and Hook from Furls

Some of the links on my site and in my mailouts to subscribers are affiliate links which means that if you purchase an item from the site you reach after clicking on it, you will pay the same price as if you found the product without my link and the seller will pay a small amount to me for sharing details of the item. Better still, sometimes the seller shares a discount code for you too, which I'll list with the link. I usually want to share a link to the item anyway because it's something I used for creating a pattern or sample or it's a product or a pattern I created for another business and I don't want to leave anyone reading the blog posts wondering what it was I used or how to get that item if they are interested in it or needing to send me an email to find out. I often find myself frustrated when I see someone using an interesting tool, pattern or yarn and I can't work out what it is or how to get that!

a beige and green crocheted cropped hoodie on a dressmaker's dummy with coral half sun motifs on the chest and cuff
Woodland Sunrise Cropped Hoodie From Crochet Foundry Jan 23

I have set up an affiliate account with:

  • Furls Crochet

  • Crochet Foundry Magazine

If you see links to their websites, those are usually affiliate links. Links to other businesses or individuals are not affiliate links even if they appear on posts with other affiliate links. I'll update that list any time it changes. Each post with affiliate links has a note on the page explaining this. You can ask any questions you have about this or comment to let me know your thoughts below.

If I find that my website and mails can at least cover their own costs in this way, I hope to be able to focus a little more on publishing patterns for free on the site as well as in magazines or as paid downloads, so they are accessible to more people in the way they prefer.

Current free patterns on Made with Love and Fibres:

Would you like to see more free patterns? What kind of patterns would you like? Let me know in the comments below.

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