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Are you Knitting or Crocheting Gifts? Join the Fasten Off Yarnalong!

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

A collage of knitted and crocheted designs
My patterns in the Yarnalong Sale

Are you joining the Fasten Off Yarnalong this year? It's a fantastic event for those knitting or crocheting gifts for the festive season; looking for a craft community; or just looking for some bargain patterns by independent designers. I'll be a participating designer this year, so my patterns on Etsy are included in those eligible for the coupon code and eligible to be worked on in the CALs/KALs. Find out more on the Fasten off Yarnalong website

Prefer using and storing your patterns on Ravelry or interested in one of my patterns that's not on Etsy? I'll also be participating in the Indie Giftalong event this year, so take a look at my post here too.

The Fasten off Yarnalong is an accessible stitchalong event, taking place on a wide range of platforms, for those making seasonal gifts from patterns designed by a wonderful list of independent designers. It lasts around fiveweeks and from 24th November the end of 31st December and includes fun games, contests, and 8 KAL/CALs to help you get your seasonal makes ready in a fun atmosphere.

After finding your discounted patterns on the site's 2023 seachable database and using the coupon code FO2023 to get 25% off any pattern you find using this search feature during the sale event that takes place from the start of the event until the 8th December, you can join the event on your chosen platform, e.g. here's the event's Discord, and the Fasten off team's Instagram... and share what you're making while oohing and aahing over others' projects and playing some fun yarn related games too. You could even win a voucher for a pattern by one of the participating designers.

Joanne wearing a floral crocheted headband
This is me on Discord

There are fun games, and a great chatty atmosphere, so don't hesitate; come join us! Do say hello if you see me online in one of the events. I'll be joining in too as I relax making a few projects from other people's patterns for once! I'll be sharing in my newsletter, on Instagram and in the Yarnalong's Discord Server

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