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Coupe/Lemon Meringue Granny Square in Simply Crochet Granny Square Day Supplement

Coupe/lemon meringue Crochet Granny Square is a lace yellow and white 10 cm 4" crocheted square with popcorns and picots
Coupe/lemon meringue Crochet Granny Square

I love crafting small projects that are easy to work on during the summer weather and so I was excited to be asked by Simply Crochet magazine to design a crochet granny square for their Year of Granny Squares Supplement for Granny Square Day.

Today the new issue of Simply Crochet Magazine is available to buy and it's a special granny square issue looking ahead to Granny Square Day 2023, an event when crocheters make granny squares and post pictures of their square on Instagram with as little border as possible and using the hashtag #grannysquareday2023. Anyone can create a virtual crochet blanket by making a collage of their favourite crocheted square photos. Are you joining in this year?

If you get Simply Crochet Magazine this August, you'll find a fantastic supplement with 52 different crocheted square patterns for you to try. They're all the same size 10 cm/4", so you can easily combine them for a real life project too if creating a virtual blanket inspires you.

The designers' fees and the granny squares are being donated to who connect Ukrainian refugees across Europe through their love of crochet. and offering the craft as a form of therapy. I was really happy to have my fee offered in this way.

This year the theme was "Celebration" and I designed this square based on the look of vintage cut glass coupe style champagne glasses the bubbles from the champagne itself. However, the square was named Lemon Meringue in the supplement and I think I can see why!

It was fun to think that I was creating this along with so many other designers including some of my friends and wondering how their project was going. Now I'm really tempted to make more of them. Do take a look!

Pattern: Lemon Meringue Crochet Granny Square

Published in: Simply Crochet, issue 139

Yarn: Lion Brand 24 7 Cotton

Simply Crochet Now Issue 139 is on sale in shops across the UK from Tuesday 8th August. To find your nearest stockist, or purchase a digital edition of the magazine visit the Gathered website.

Will you be making a square to share for this year's virtual blanket? If you haven't one in mind yet and aren't able to get a copy of Simply Crochet, take a look at my Granny's Yarn Square free pattern on my blog (link in my bio) that I designed for last year's Granny Square Day. You might find it has some of your favourite things on it! I enjoyed following the challenge on Instagram for the past few years and find it fascinating how varied the results can be. Have you seen it in the magazine or on their social media?

Cranny's Yarn Square is a turquoise 15 cm 6" crocheted granny square with an orange yarn ball and beige hook featured in its design
Cranny's Yarn Square

Do let me know if you make the square. I'm always so excited when I see that someone has used one of my patterns!

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