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Cozy Up Your Winter with These Knitting and Crochet Ideas

As a knitter or crocheter, making warm clothes and accessories or items to decorate the home feels like a perfect way to spend the long winter evenings on the shortest, coldest days. It's time for gift giving during the many festivals and celebrations that take place toward the end of the year and a handmade gift created with lovely yarn, time and care for someone special is a great way to show love and appreciation. It could be a time for parties and special occasions to show off your latest wearable creations too, so let’s take a look at some winter knitting and crochet ideas.

Winter knitting and crochet yarns

grey fluffy yarn coral cotton yarn and a coffee in a matching colour mug on a coffee table
Alpaca yarn

Now’s the time for fluffier yarns that trap warm air between their fibres, like mohair, cashmere or alpaca. These come in all weights, so you can run up a quick beanie in a chunky alpaca blend or add a thin strand of silk-mohair yarn to the yarn for your project to make the most of the warmth and texture. In particular, alpaca fibre is very warm as a result of its hollow structure, so it's the perfect choice for anyone who is inclined to feel the cold. Now, this is something that will divide crafters but it might also be time to stock up on novelty yarns like metallic, eyelash or fun fur types, especially if you’re thinking of making festive decorations or outfits. 

Seasonal project types

This is the season for the warmest pullovers; snuggly blankets, cowls and shawls; mittens, hats/headbands and boot socks/cuffs, etc. but it's also the season for making delicate snowflakes and fancy festive ornaments, party clothes and gifts. If you haven't started making gifts yet there’s still time; a handmade gift doesn’t have to be a huge time consuming endeavour. Ideas for small quick gifts might include: key fob, bag charms, bookmark, washcloth/scrubbies, jewellery, small storage baskets, hair accessories and cosies for all manner of things.

Think about your tools 

It’s time to audit your tool collection! Be prepared when loved ones want gift ideas for you or ready to seek out something you’ve wanted for ages at a bargain price in the New Year sales. Are any tools worn or damaged? Is anything missing (where do all my 3.5mm/E hooks go)? What frustrations with past projects could be avoided with the right tools? What might you need for next year’s new projects? I’ll be looking for blocking wires this year and I can highly recommend the beautiful wooden needle cases from Furls (above). I always have the right size needle handy, since I got this!

Colour choices for the season

From snowy whites to bold jewel tones and festive reds and greens, it’s a season of high contrasts and don’t forget that a little gold or silver sparkle can add glamour to party clothes and decorations.

Suitable stitches

Beautiful cable designs add cosy texture and dense warmth to your wearable items while delicate lace stitches can work well for more decorative accessories and snowy homewares. You could also consider the corner to corner stitch to create colourful items with festive or seasonal designs.  

Keep comfortable

At this time of year it’s tempting to sit and crochet for long periods of time but that can lead to discomfort and even injury. Don’t forget to take regular breaks and also make sure that your seat is supportive and your posture is good. 

New yarn’s resolutions?

It’s time to plan ahead for 2024, and think what you want crochet to achieve for you this year. Will you be focusing on trying something new like your first garment or maybe focusing on stash-busting with some great scrap yarn projects like Granny's Captivated Bag (above)? Or maybe you're planning to take ten minutes each day just for you to relax with your yarn and hook to relieve the stresses of everyday life. You can also see my other post on Choosing New Year's resolutions for crafters.

Let me know about your winter craft plans in the comments. I'd love to know what you're making!


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