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How to: thread a small, fine needle with thick yarn

If you need to use thick yarn and fine needle for sewing on buttons, beads or other trims that would be damaged by a yarn needle, how do you thread it?

Here's how I do it:

I actually thought everyone did it this way but found that a few yarn friends had never seen this method before, so thought I'd share in case it helps anyone else. I learnt this in a school sewing class aged 7 and maybe it's the most useful thing I learnt at school!

This is a dense cotton aran yarn (Drops Paris) and a sewing needle with an eye that's too narrow to put a standard dressmaking pin through. It often surprises me how fine a needle I can use for a thick thread. I went for a slightly easy one for the video as finer ones sometimes take a few goes!

Another technique I use for threading beads on yarn is to skip the needle entirely. Instead, I stiffen the yarn end with clear nail varnish or white glue, twist tightly and push through the beads when dry.

Do you have a good technique for threading a fine needle?

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