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Magic Wand Stitch Keeper in use: from above

Magic Wand DPN Stitch Keeper


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Avoid stitches slipping off your double pointed needles (DPNs) whenever your knitting project isn’t being worked on with this simple, quick to make magic wand stitch keeper.


Diameter: 1cm (1/3”) – fits up to five 3.25mm DPNs
Exterior length: length of DPNs – item shown is 15cm (6”)

You will need to have the DPNs with you or know their length to work section 2. Achieving a specific gauge isn’t required as long as your fabric has


Whilst this pattern uses UK terminology, it should be simple to follow for those who prefer to us US terminology as there is only one difference and this is given in the pattern’s abbreviations list.

Reinforced ends prevent the needles falling out through the stitches.



  • 20g black cotton sportweight yarn
  • 10g white cotton sportweight yarn
  • 2.5mm hook (US B-1 or C-2) or suitable hook to achieve a firm fabric
  • Small fine darning needle and scissors.
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