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Firework Crochet Pendant: Close-up

Firework Crochet Pendant

 Download pdf from Ravelry     


Whether it’s Guy Fawkes night, New Year’s Eve or the Fourth of July, fireworks brighten up the festivities as night draws in. Create an eye-catching pendant to wear to your favourite firework event and give your outfit the same sparkle.



  • 20g black size 10 crochet thread or 6 strand embroidery floss
  • 10g each of three contrast shades size 10 crochet thread or 6 strand embroidery floss (red, pink and green are shown)
  • 1.25mm hook (US 10 steel) or suitable hook to achieve a firm fabric
  • Small fine needle and scissors



This pattern uses UK terminology however US terminology is given in the abbreviations sections alongside the UK terminology and the pattern is relatively straightforward to follow.

It’s a very adaptable pattern. You could choose an alternative night sky colour such as an inky midnight blue or charcoal grey for the body of your pendant and pick your favourite colours as contrast shades. Switch the hanging loop for a safety pin or brooch finding to create a brooch or make up in heavier weight cotton yarn with a suitable hook to create a coaster, trivet or small wash cloth.

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