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Fragrant Fir Tree Sachets

Fragrant Fir Tree Sachets

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Inspired by snowy pines in classic Christmas card scenes, I created this little knitted tree in green and white initially and then saw its potential as a cheery tinsel clad Christmas tree. Decorating our tree is one of my favourite Christmas moments each year.


After Christmas I was reluctant to box up all my cheery trees and developed the pattern further to become a natural fragrance sachet filled with our homegrown lavender and red or yellow rose petals, matching the fragrance to the tree’s textured stripes. They are ideal for maintaining a fresh, natural aroma in our wardrobes, drawers and even in the car.


It could be a fun project to embellish in different ways, maybe a star at the top and some bead or embroidery baubles.


Size: knitted part of ornament is 9cm high and 8cm wide at base


Materials (makes 4)
* 100m 4ply/fingering acrylic/wool yarn
in MC
* 15m 4ply/fingering acrylic/wool yarn
in each CC

  • 2.5mm straight needles
  • Round button of approx. 1.5cm diameter to be the trunk
  • Tapestry needle (small enough to fit through buttonholes as well as for seaming)
  • Fragrant filling, e.g. dried flowers, spices or herbs
  • Optional: ribbon or fine cord to make hanging loop plus sewing thread and needle
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