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Fresh Spring Knitting and Crochet Ideas to Brighten Up Your Creative Moments

a woman in a vertical candy striped cream, pink, yellow and lilac  crocheted top with a light blue thin edging on the neck
Sweet TalkTee has a lightweight stitch and is made here in seasonal colours

What's in the photo: Sweet Talk Tee worn by the designer

As the weather becomes warmer and the daylight hours longer, do you start to think about putting away your hooks and yarn for outdoor pursuits or do you get a renewed burst of creativity and start planning exciting makes for the new season? Embrace the season with these inspiring Spring Knitting and Crochet Ideas. From lightweight yarns to garden-inspired projects, let creativity bloom this spring!

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Yarns for Spring Knitting and Crochet

blue and coral cotton yarn shown with wood and metal crochet tools
Cotton yarn and a wooden hook are warm weather winners

What's in the photo: Drops Paris Cotton Aran Yarn, Brittany Needles Hook, Furls Needle Case and AE Williams Scissors for making Vivid Bucket Bag

This is a great time to embrace the lighter yarn weights and breathable fibres you may have set aside over winter. Yarns such as cotton, bamboo, or linen are perfect for spring and summer wearables. They drape beautifully, giving your projects an elegant finish and if you want more warmth or bounce in your project than these yarns provide, you could choose a blend combining a plant based fibre with wool for the best of both worlds.

Projects to make in the Spring

a bag made of a fancy lace granny square in pastel blue, green, yellow, pink and lilac cotton yarn, with a cream edging, lining and long thin strap
Granny's Captivated tote bag in pastel shades

What's in the photo: Granny's Captivated Bag

Now’s the time to work on layering pieces like lightweight shawls, cardigans and short sleeved tops, which can easily be styled together during the season’s cooler days and worn separately over the summer. You might also consider starting larger project that are needed for the summer, such as sundresses or picnic blankets

As we spend more time outdoors, it can be fun to create garden items such as planter covers, bunting and wind spinners to decorate an area we love to spend time or roomy tote bags for days out. Easter is a popular occasion for crafting too. Will you be knitting up a cute little bunny stuffy or using some favourite scrap yarns to crochet a colourful basket of eggs? Let me know what projects you have on your to-make list this season in the comments below.

Tools to consider

a pile of brightly coloured crocheted flowers, matching yarns and a wooden ergonomic crochet hook working a flower and a wooden needle case
Wooden tools are ideal for the weather and seasonal yarns

What's in the photo: Floral Queen 3-Way Twinset in-progress for Crochet Foundry's March 2023 with a Furls Streamline Wooden Hook and Furls Wooden Needle Case

You may like to choose wooden needles hooks to help maintain control over the more slippery plant fibre yarns that are popular in the warmer seasons. And if you like to crochet on the go, remember that it’s a season of changeable weather so a protective waterproof project bag could have advantages over a simple cotton tote bag for storing your travel project.

Seasonal Colour choices

pink stocking stitch with a white horizontal zigzag seamed vertically to beige stocking stitch and a tassel with a knitted doughnut top in the same colours
Pink and white swatch for the Day at the Beach Bag

What's in the photo: Day at the Beach Bag in Sweet Treat Colourway

Look to nature’s renewed energy for inspiration and choose from the vibrant pastels like blossom pinks, sunny yellows and sky blues and shades of yellow-green reminiscent of new shoots poking through the ground and spring flowers. These colours can instantly brighten your mood and add the freshness of the season to your handmade creations.

Stitches that look and feel perfect for the season

A blue knitted lace wrap cardi on a mannequin with one tail over the shoulder and another hanging down from the waist
Warm but light, the Garter Lace Wrap is a great

What's in the photo: Garter Lace Wrap Cardi

Lighter textured stitches that still give good coverage for warmth are what we need right now. If you’re crocheting a simple item, like a scarf or shawl in any of the basic stitches, you could try working in the front or back loop to reduce density and stiffness and add extra drape. An eyelet style lace is also a good choice for warmth and lightness that's popular with both knitters and crocheters. You could also use a light stitch with a warm yarn, as shown in my Garter Lace Cardi above, or vice versa or course! And what better way to celebrate the spring than by incorporating floral motifs into your projects? From delicate daisies to intricate roses, floral designs add a touch of femininity to your creations. Whether you're making a blanket, cardigan, or children's wear, floral stitch patterns, embroidery and appliqués are sure to evoke the joys of springtime.

Take Your Projects Outdoors

Blue and green cotton hat in progress with yarn in a bowl on the grass
Crocheting in the countryside on the Vivid Bucket Hat

What's in the photo: Vivid Bucket Hat with Brittany Needles Hook and Drops Paris Aran Yarn

One of the joys of springtime crochet is being able to take your projects outdoors and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature while you work. Knitting and crocheting al fresco not only allows you to soak up vitamin D and get some fresh air but also provides a serene environment where you can gain inspiration for your next craft project.

Putting away your winter woollens

If you're putting away your warm winter clothes and blankets for the summer season, will you be handwashing them? Check out my blog post and video on hand washing woollen items.

Enjoy your Spring Knitting and Crochet!

a rectangular shawl in brown basketweave stitch with applique flower borders at each end
Perfect Picnic Partner the Flower Basket Shawl

What's in the photo: Flower Basket Shawl

Springtime crochet is a delightful way to welcome the season of renewal and embrace the beauty of nature through creativity. So will you be grabbing your crochet hooks, heading outdoors, and letting the magic of springtime inspire your next crafting adventure? Let us know in the comments. 


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