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"Knit and Crochet Livestream Schedule: Your Guide to March 2024"

Updated: Feb 26

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Livestream Schedule Flyer

I have a regular schedule for my knit and crochet livestreams on Twitch (see photo), so you can plan if you'd like to join me when I'm working on a specific project that interests you.


This month I'm starting the Charmed Garland Make-along. Visit this blog post to find out all the details or sign up to the mailing list for an overview and your free patterns.

What's it like to join the knit and crochet livestreams?

My knit and crochet livestreams can be viewed on the Twitch website or their apps for smartphones, tablets and Smart TVs. You'll usually see live video footage of my hands working on my projects and maybe sometimes my face so I can answer a question someone asks more personally. You don't need to sign up to watch but if you want to join in the chat or ask questions, that is necessary. Questions and chat take place in a group text chat alongside the video panel so you can craft along in your bathrobe and hair towel and nobody will know unless you tell us!

You can click here to see the Love and Fibres channel, along with some of my clips and videos and if you subscribe, you'll get a notification whenever I'm live. I look forward to crafting with you!

Here are the schedule details in text for those who find it easier to read.

March schedule (UK time BST/GMT)

UK time GMT: Aus-8-10,  EET-2,  CET-1,  EST+5,  PST+8

Tuesday 10:00am

  • 5th - Charmed Garland Make-along Live (knit)* 

  • 12th - Wefan (Cro)

  • 19th- Twisted Tunisian Top  (Tun Cro) 

  • 26th - Garter Lace Wrap (Knit) 

Wednesday 11:00pm

  • 6th - Charmed Garland Make-along Live (cro)*

  • 13th - Wefan (Cro)

  • 20th - Twisted Tunisian Top (Tun Cro) 

  • 27th - Garter Lace Wrap (Knit) 

 * free pattern available - join the mailing list to get your copy on Monday 4th March!

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