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Relaxing preparation for autumn

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Today it's my turn to share a free pattern with you! I'm feeling so excited as I set this up in preparation the night before. It's just like I'm hanging up the stockings and setting out a glass of port and a mince pie for Father Christmas!

Just in case you have happened on this post by chance rather than following a link from somewhere that explained the event, This pattern is being featured on the 21st September in the Relax and Hook blog hop, hosted by Deanne of Small But Kinda Mighty, during which a relaxing pattern each day throughout September is available FREE for 24 hours as an ad-free, printer friendly PDF downloadable version. All the featured patterns have been chosen as patterns that are relaxing easy makes to help you reduce stress and simply enjoy a crafty moment without having to figure out complicated instructions, fiddly techniques or puzzling assembly methods. Perfect for anyone who sees their craft as an antidote to the stresses and hectic pace often associated with preparations for the holiday season.

If you are feeling disappointed you may have have missed the earlier patterns each day this month, or if you are feeling impatient to get the others, please don't worry; you can still get the entire e-book containing not only all the patterns being featured this month, but another ten extra patterns and bonus material too at 85% discount on the usual pattern prices throughout September only. That's almost C$220 of patterns for C$29.99 (approx US$/EUR 23 or GBP 19.60)! If you use the link near the start of this paragraph or the one right at the end of this post, I get paid a little more at no extra cost to you than if you bought the book elsewhere whatsoever. Thank you!

Clarion multiway crocheted scarf in cerise and cream draped round the back of the neck and crossed over the front of the body on a mannequin
Clarion multiway crocheted scarf crossed over the front of the body

I do hope you’ve enjoyed hopping around collecting all the wonderful patterns featured so far and I’m so pleased that you are choosing to add this one to your collection. Introducing the Clarion multiway crocheted lace scarf! This is my first Autumn/Winter pattern for 2022-23. I really hope that you like it and that you will enjoy making and wearing it too! The pattern is available in English with instructions in UK terminology, US terminology and even a chart to help everyone enjoy reading it in the way that suits them best. There is even a diagram you can colour in to plan where you want different yarns to be in your project if you are working with more than one colour or different textured yarns. It really would be a great scrap yarn project. I can't wait to see someone work up the pattern in lots of different yarns!

Clarion multiway crocheted scarf in cerise and cream draped over a table to show the frill open
Clarion multiway crocheted scarf laid flat

I had a little gap between submitting one large project and the yarn arriving for the next three projects and so I worked up my sample for the Clarion Multiway Scarf in bright pink dk yarn with a few rows of cream contrast at each end. It was the perfect relaxing project for a small gap between two busy months. Normally I like to make projects that are interesting to work on, challenging or make me learn something new but this was definitely the time for working on something enjoyable but familiar.

Clarion multiway crocheted scarf in cerise and cream draped round the neck like a yoked cowl on a female wearer
Clarion multiway crocheted scarf worn as a yoked cowl

It has just two simple rows repeated with no seaming, increases, decreases etc. and is easy to follow visually from the previous row without counting or checking

the pattern. The extra long stitches in the frill felt meditative to work and the switch from normal to front loop stitches between rows encouraged me to adjust my hand position and wrist angle to avoid wrist ache when working for a long period of time. That was handy as I found it hard to put down!

Clarion multiway crocheted scarf in cerise and cream draped round the back of the neck and overlapping down the front of the body on a mannequin
Clarion multiway crocheted scarf overlapping down the front of the body

The scarf is designed to mimic a yoked cowl for a perfect fit around the neck, shoulders and chest yet be more flexible in fit and styling. I had fun in the garden with Maggie the Mannequin trying to work out all the different ways it can be worn: scarf, yoked cowl, gilet, shawl… I'm sure you have more ideas, so do let me know!

I'm really enjoying this summer with the children at home but I'm also excited to start using my scarf on the walk to school when they start back at school in September.

This is a quick project so you won't be caught out when the sneaky, cooler weather arrives suddenly and you want a new, stylish handmade to complement the season's outfits. Don't miss out on a relaxing make to start the season of warm wearables! Get your copy of the pattern on Ravelry: Clarion Multiway Scarf, and on the 21st September, you can enter the code [code expired and deleted 1pm, 22nd September] at the checkout in place of payment and the pattern is yours!

Did you visit after the code expired and want a copy of the pattern? I have a discount code for you that you can enter at the checkout to get 25% off until the end of September (UK time). It's BETTERLATETHANNEVER or you might prefer to get the e-book with all the event's relaxing patterns at 85% discount on the usual cost, plus the extra patterns and the bonus material all in one place; just click this link to purchase the e-book from the event's host.

If you like free patterns, you might also like to choose from those in my patterns listings. Just look for the little sticker saying "Free Pattern" top left of the picture.

Don't forget that I love to see in-progress or finished projects created using my patterns. You can find me on Instagram or Ravelry if you want to show me your projects.

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I tried multiple times to get the code to work with absolutely no luck. It says the code should have worked until 1 pm on the 22nd which for me is 4 minutes ago and I tied multiple times yesterday! I’m gutted I joined this blog hop just for this pattern! I’m hoping you can help me figure this out! Thanks Bella


Hi Mia Bella, thanks for letting me know your difficulties with this. The blog hop timings were set by the host to start and finish at 8am ET (Canada), which works out as 1pm UK time, where Made with Love and Fibres is based, so after that time the code won't work for this pattern but for the next pattern instead, no matter the time where the person using the code is based. I will have a chat with the host about your difficulty and get back to you.

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