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Step-By-Step Guide to Creating the Stunning Coupe Granny Square: Free Crochet Pattern

Coupe Granny Square is a lace crochet square in yellow and white with varied stitches worked from centre out
Coupe Granny Square

Coupe was inspired by cut glass vintage coupes (wide saucer shaped glasses) filled with bubbly champagne. It was designed for Granny Square Day 2023.

I had a lovely response to it and I was so pleased that I decided I should make this pattern available like my other granny square free crochet patterns on my website in both UK and US terminology so as many people as possible can make it. This 4” square block is a fun make for crocheters, featuring some interesting stitches. It could be incorporated into a blanket with other squares.

If you don't like reading patterns directly from a website, a printable pdf pattern download is available to purchase on Ravelry or on Etsy. This also contains detailed instructions with video links for making a small lined pencil case or clutch bag from four of the squares

This page shows the UK terminology version. If you prefer to work in US terminology then you'll want to go to this page instead.

Granny Square: Free Crochet Pattern

Coupe Square  lace granny square with v-stitches and popcorns in blue and grey
Coupe Square in blue and grey

Size: 10cm/4” square

Tension: 84 sts on outer round x 5 rows = 10cm/4” square using a 3.5mm hook, and after blocking.

Working method: The square is worked in concentric rounds from the RS.


10m/15yds each of 2 shades of Rowan Cotton Glacé (100% cotton; DK; 115m / 125yd per 50g) or similar yarn

Sample in: Ochre (C1), Bleached (C2)

3.5mm (US E/4) hook

Yarn needle and scissors


Abbreviations, Charts, Key and Special Stitches

R          row/round

st/sts    stitch/stitches

RS/WS  right/wrong side

ch        chain

slst        slip stitch

dc        double crochet

htr        half treble

tr          treble

dtr        double treble

chsp    chain space

BP        work st around back post of stitch indicated

Yo        yarn over hook

Pul       pull up loop

V-st      (1 tr, 1 ch 1, 1 tr) in same st/chsp. Note for first st in any round/row: (ch 4, 1 tr) in same st/chsp.

Pop5    five treble popcorn yo, insert hook in indicated st, yo, pul, draw through 2 loops twice, rep from 4 more times, remove hook from working loop, insert hook through head of first tr and pull working loop back through. Note for first st in any round/row: start by working 3 ch (counts as tr) and reduce repeat to 3 more times


Pattern Notes

The square is worked in concentric rounds from the RS. Unless otherwise stated, starting chains do count as a stitch. When directed to attach the next colour, makers can choose whether to fasten off previous colour or to place the live loop from the hook on a lockable stitch marker/waste yarn and work sufficient chains at the rear to rejoin it next time it is used. Sample is made using the second technique (apart from fastening off C1 after Round 4) however the first technique might be preferable in a project that will be seen from both sides. R4’s stitch count has potential to cause confusion so is deliberately omitted.



This pattern uses UK terminology and a US terminology version is also available (see top). Please be sure you are using a copy in your preferred terminology. I recommend that you read through the pattern before starting.


Highlighted round numbers have a video tutorial. Click to follow link.

With C1,  chain 4, slst to form a ring.

R1(RS): Slst in ring, [pop5, 3 ch] 4 times, slst to 1st st of round. 16 sts: 4 sts, 4 3chsp

R2        [1 V-st in pop5, 2 ch, 1 dc in 3chsp, 2 ch] 4 times, slst to 1st st of round, fasten off C1. 32  sts: 12 sts, 4 1chsp, 8 2chsp

R3        Attach C2 with slst in central chsp of any V-st, [1 V-st in chsp of V st, miss 2chsp,1 dtr in dc, (1 ch, 1 dtr) 4 times in same st] 4 times, slst to 1st st of round. 48 sts: 28 sts, 20 1chsp

R4        1 ch (does not count as st), [1 dc in 1st leg of V-st, (1 dc, 1 htr, 1 dc) in chsp of V-st, 1 dc in 2nd leg of V-st (pic A), 1 dc in space between V-st and dtr, miss 1, 1 dc in 1chsp, 2 ch, slst around one leg of dc just made, 1 ch, miss 1, rep from 3 more times, 1 dc in space between dtr and V-st] 4 times, slst to 1st st of round, fasten off C2.

R5        Attach C1 with slst in any htr, 1 ch, and starting in same htr [1 dc, 2 ch, miss 2 dc, 1 tr, 2 ch, miss 1 picoted dc, 1 BPdtr around dc, 1 ch, (1 dtr, 3 ch, 1 dtr) between next 2 dc, 1 ch, 1 BPdtr around dc, miss 1 picoted dc, 2 ch, 1 tr, 2 ch, miss 2] 4 times, slst to 1st st of round, fasten off C2. 84 sts: 24sts, 20 2chsp, 8 1chsp, 4 3chsp


Weave in ends and block to measurements given.


Photos and videos: completed rounds and stitch close-up


Make it your own

This pattern should work well with other types of yarn that match the tension, although of course this can produce a different type of fabric, e.g. stiffer/drapier.

Make a larger or smaller version with different weights of yarn.

The square can also look good in a single colour or with each round in a different shade.


How did it go?

I love to hear from anyone who uses one of my patterns to create a project. Any feedback you give about the pattern will help me develop future patterns that are easy to follow and it’s always exciting to see in-progress or finished projects created using my patterns. Use #coupesquare on Instagram and do tag me in your post or caption!

If you would like to keep up to date with what I’m working on and be the first to know about new pattern releases, I send out a monthly email update with subscriber discounts, behind the scenes news and exclusive previews. Do sign up: Mailing List Sign up!


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