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Get Creative with The Vivid Accessories Crochet Pattern Collections!

collage showing mittens, yoked cowl and baules with the v stitch used in the Vivid patterns
Vivid Winter Collection

The Vivid Winter Accessories Collection and Vivid Picnic Collection of crochet patterns are now available as e-books / bundles at a lower price than the  individual patterns. You'll receive them as pdf downloads in English in both UK and US crochet terms with links to video clips for tricky steps.

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collage showing bucket hat, bucket bag and stitch in progress featuring  the v stitch used in the Vivid patterns
Vivid Picnic Collection

If you already bought one of the individual Vivid patterns from a collection you want to purchase on Ravelry, the amount you paid can be deducted from the cost of the collection. Etsy unfortunately doesn't have this feature. The individual patterns are still available too and links are listed for those with the pattern photos you can seen for each design listed below

Vivid Crochet Patterns

Following the popularity of the Vivid Picnic Collection including the matching Bucket Hat and Bucket Bag patterns, the Vivid Winter Collection continues the colourful fun with patterns for a yoked cowl, warm mittens with multiple finger and cuff options and a fun festive bauble tree decoration (although your pets and children might tell you it's a ball when the tree is packed away!), all featuring the alternating colours V-stitch.

Have a look through the Vivid Designs. Which is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below.

The Yoked Cowl

Get the pattern on: (Ravelry / Etsy)

Vivid Yoked Cowl in light blue and white V stitch
Vivid Yoked Cowl

The cowl is a really handy cold weather accessory with three style variations that ensure it works well inside or outside your coat and is comfortable whether you prefer a close, draught-free neck or an airy wide neck. The flexibility of the V-stitch allows it to pull on over the head and shape itself to your neck and shoulders. It’s also easy to adapt and there is a customisation section at the end of the pattern with ideas to help you make a truly unique item that reflects your personal style.

The Mitts

Get the pattern on:  (Ravelry / Etsy)

Vivid Mitts in blue and black V stitch shown resting on autumn leaves
Vivid Mitts

The mittens are another useful winter accessory with a multitude of style customisations and five sizes to ensure it works well for different wearers with different style tastes or mitten use. Using the pick and mix customisation section gives you so much flexibility to get the perfect result for everyone you make a pair for.

The Bauble  

Get the pattern on: (Ravelry / Etsy)

2 Vivid Bauble Tree ornaments one in light blue and, royal blue and yellow  and the other in bright pink, cream and bright green V stitch with bows
Vivid Bauble Tree Ornament

The bauble tree ornament is a really fun, fast and colourful project for those wanting handmade decorations for their home during the festive season. It has two filling options to suit your preference and is also easy to adapt. The customisation section at the end of the pattern has plenty of ideas to ensure your bauble is enjoyable to make and looks unique. You could make a matching set or a fun collection of baubles to use up your yarn scraps.

The Bucket Bag

Get the pattern on: (Ravelry / Etsy)

Vivid Bucket Bag is a coral and blue v stitch bucket hat with a zigzag  striped appearance shown here outdoors with different ways of fixing the straps  to use as a cross body, backpack, hand carried or shoulder bag
Vivid Bucket Bag

This is a casual, cotton bag, for children or adults (20cm base in aran/worsted yarn), in eye-catching V stitch. The most exciting feature is that it's a convertible bag. The adjustable straps and handle mean it can be worn in different ways: backpack, cross-body, shoulder or hand carried, and a combination of drawstring and front flap keeps your belongings safe inside.

For smaller items that might fall through the gaps between stitches, there's even a matching lined coin purse pattern included. A video is available of the construction of the purse to accompany the written instructions and support those who like to have a visual guide.

The Bucket Hat

Get the pattern on: (Ravelry / Etsy)

Vivid Bucket Hat is a green and blue v stitch bucket hat with a zigzag  striped appearance shown here outdoors on a child
Vivid Bucket Hat

This is a lovely, comfortable summer hat, sized child to adult, in eye-catching V stitch and cool cotton yarn. The sloped brim keeps the sun out of your eyes and two crown shaping options ensure a comfortable fit. The flexibility of the V stitch makes the hat easy to wear over sunglasses and there are several finishing options to choose from in order to get a shape and style that suits each wearer. I love the scalloped edging version but both of my sons preferred the slip stitch edging.

What's next for Vivid Crochet Pattern Collections?

I'm already starting to think about some Vivid patterns for 2024 but feel free to let me know in the comments below what you'd like to see in this range.

What's Special About the Vivid Patterns?

projects, tools and video recording equipment on a table
Recording the project

I loved creating this collection during my livestreams on Twitch. The easy pattern let me chat with viewers and I was also able to record clips so you'll find links in the pattern for parts where a visual aid could help. You'll find links throughout the patterns. I would definitely recommend the patterns for social crafting situations where you want something easy and relaxing to work on while you chat with others.

close up of the v stitch being worked with a wooden hook in white and light blue soft fluffy yarn

The flexibility of the V stitch makes for stretchy, soft and easy to wear accessories. It's a fast, simple stitch pattern with a memorable repeat and the pattern has notes, plus a link to a video clip, on changing colour neatly without fastening off. Fast and flexible means it's great for gift making, where you might have a tight deadline and not have access to the wearer.

yarn, scissors, hook, stitch markers and needle case with needles in
Yan and tools

Yarn friendly: I've worked up the patterns in soft aran/worsted weight woollen yarn, an alpaca blend and soft cotton yarn too and it works well with all of them. The patterns are written for two colors but it looks great in a single yarn (solid, ombre or variegated).

It's ideal for stash-busting too. I didn't have enough blue in any shade to make the Bucket Bag so I picked three blue yarns where I had around 100m /110 yds leftover from other projects and arranged them dark to light as colour 1, while the coral colour they were alternated with gave a sense of harmony as colour 2. You could also use short yarn scraps or a magic ball (Not sure what a magic ball is? Watch my friend, Nichola's video) as colour two in the project, striping with a single solid colour yarn as colour one. I think that gives an amazing stained glass window effect. If you don't have two yarns that match in weight, that's fine too. My younger son wanted black and bright striped Vivid Mitts (like liquorice allsorts!) but I only had black, cream, tan and two dull blue shades in the right weight of warm yarn, so we used the black as colour 1 and combined light blue, orange and purple 4ply/fingering weight for colour 2 and the results were amazing. We both love them!

Samples of V stitch with a straight slip stitch edging and scalloped edging variations
Vivid Bucket Bag colour and alternative yarn swatches

So if you'd like to get one of the collections, here are the links again:

You'll receive the patterns as pdf downloads in English in both UK and US crochet terms with links to video clips for tricky steps.

Buy on Ravelry

Buy on Etsy

Do let me know if you make one of them. I'm always excited when I see that someone has used one of my patterns!


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