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Citrus Cocktail Choker Crochet Pattern in Simply Crochet Magazine

A model wearing a crocheted white choker with suspended lemon slices and a pale pink ribbon interlaced plus 3d lemon drop earrings and a yellow and white sundress
From the magazine

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I am really pleased to be able to let you know that my Citrus Cocktail crochet pattern features in Simply Crochet Magazine issue 150. I had so much fun making the sample for this, and seeing a sneak peek int their Instagram promotions recently, so I'm excited for the public launch of this issue today, 11th June 2024. The issue includes the full pattern plus a fantastic choice of of summery projects that are well suited to the coming season. Do take a look and see if your next project might be in there!

A choker crochet pattern provides a fun make to liven up both your summer crafting and your summer wardrobe and I think it will work well with any summer outfit that has a low neckline you want to fill. It could work with a casual top or a more formal dress for an evening occasion too, and it's sure to be a talking point! Simply Crochet send their samples back to the designers after photographing them and I'm excited for this one! It's going to be so much fun to wear with some of the summer dresses I've been making recently.

a close-up of the centre laid out flat, showing more detail

This pattern, works up so fast and I really think you could make it in an evening and be wearing it next day after a night's blocking. It does take a little concentration though, so it's not one for social crafting. The citrus slices are fun to work and the whole thing is very portable if you need travel projects, on the other hand. I actually made a lot of this out and about as it's such a great travel project. You can even wind some of the thread off the main spool if you don't want to take the whole thing with you.

It's not a difficult make but I think you may need to put your expectations about the construction out of your mind and just follow the pattern, and you will need to be able to weave in ends securely and discreetly in cotton thread. Confession: I wrote this pattern a month or so before making the sample and went wrong when I made it because I didn't follow my own instructions, so now I have an extra not-quite-matching lemon slice!

yellow and cream crochet thread, pink ribbon and crochet tools
The materials

I worked up the sample in Rico Essentials Crochet cotton thread which was lovely to work with, very smooth and soft to handle, whilst still being firmly enough plied to avoid splitting. that's so important for this type of project where you are working at small scale. The finished piece turned out with lovely crisp stitch definition and not in the least curly after blocking. That was a bit of a fear of mine when I set out to create this project. It should also be smooth and comfortable against the skin. I actually have quite a bit left. Shall I create more more crochet jewellery designs with it?

Seeing the finished project in the magazine was lovely. I love the fun outfit and the model's hair and make-up really work well with the style too. They teamed the choker with these cute amigurumi lemon earrings by designer Pauline Morgan of Making Polly so that's another great option but if you don't get on with working in the round at small scale, then why not make a few extra slices and attach them to earring findings. The centre of the choker could also make a very cool bracelet or upper arm cuff with fewer repeats too. And don't forget that by switching the colour up, you can make lime, pink grapefruit, and regular or blood oranges.

Pattern: Citrus Punch Choker

Yarn: Rico Essentials Crochet in 013 Yellow and 020 Vanilla

Do let me know if you make the choker. I'm always so excited when I see that someone has used one of my patterns! I love to get comments on my blog too, so do let me know your thoughts on the design or ask any questions you have below.

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