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Granny's Yarn Square

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Did you participate in Granny Square Day?

It's such a fun event run largely on social media on the 15th August each year and a great way to connect with others who love to make crocheted squares too. There are so many different types alongside the classic three (UK) treble and chain space design. This year I tried to come up with a design that would make crocheters happy and what could crocheters like more than yarn and hooks? So that had to be what this square would feature!

Turquoise motif style crocheted square featuring an orange ball of yarn with a white band and black text reading yarn and a light wood colour crochet hook in surface crochet
Granny's Yarn Square

It had a wonderful response on Instagram and I was so pleased that I decided I should make this pattern available for free on my website in both UK and US terminology (and I'm working on a charted version too for those who don't speak English) so as many people as possible can make it. If you prefer a printable version, there will also be a downloadable pdf available to purchase from my Ravelry store.

A hand wearing a tension ring works an oval motif in bright orange yarn against a background of blue fabric and grass
Crocheting the yarn ball section

This is a square I designed working freehand to represent some of my favourite things and hopefully yours too! That's unusual for me, as normally I like to write my pattern first and then complete the sample piece while checking and updating the pattern before I have it tested but it worked out very well, I think. It was originally intended to form part of a small project bag but I think it could work well as a standalone square in any kind of project.

I found some amazing testers through my August newsletter (you can also sign up to my mailing list through my subscribe page if you are interested in testing opportunities, exclusive updates and discounts) and they all sped through the pattern in a week coming up with these amazing versions. I really love seeing how different the block looks in their chosen colour combinations. Do give the individual pictures a click to see them full size and find out who made each one. Thanks to their speedy work, the pattern should be available for free right here on my website by Monday the 4th of September as soon as I've updated it to incorporate their suggestions.

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