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Lavender Lace Shawl Crochet Pattern in Simply Crochet Magazine

woman in lilac dress and white crocheted lace shawl around her back and held up in one handturning back to llook at the cmera
Image from the beautiful photoshoot at a lavender farm

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I am really pleased to be able to let you know that my semi-circular lace shawl crochet pattern features in Simply Crochet Magazine issue 150. I adored making the sample for this, and seeing a sneak peek on their Instagram promotion recently, so I'm excited for the public launch of this issue today, 11th June 2024. The issue includes the full pattern along with some splendid photography of the whole collection in a lavender field, and of course an amazing selection of projects that are well suited to the summer weather. Do take a look and see if your next project might be in there!

petal style edge of a white crocheted lace shawl
Floral border

A white lace shawl is a very traditional garment for both adults and small babies for special occasions like weddings and christenings that can be reused in a less formal way as a memento of a very special occasion. Plus this will be a wonderfully feminine addition to your summer wardrobe that will work well over pretty summer dresses and strappy tops. It could certainly work with jeans and a delicate camisole top, especially if you have a knitted or crocheted one you want to show off. Simply Crochet send the samples back to the designers after photographing them and this one one I just can't wait to wear this summer. In our British climate you never know when you're going to want an extra layer and having one that doesn't completely hide your outfit is definitely a bonus for those who like to make their own clothes. If you're worrying about it being white, please don't; it's 100% cotton, so very washable and you could always make yours in a bolder shade or variegated yarn.

crocheting a white crocheted lace shawl with a wooden hook
creating the flower heads

The open lace stitch pattern, works up rather quickly and, after setting up the first fewof rows is easy to follow without having to constantly refer back to the pattern so it's a good one to take to to your craft group if you hope to chat more than count stitches or great to work on in front of your favourite TV series. Designer confession: It took me ages to get the repeat right for this one so the shawl would sit flat but the repeats were regular. I was so pleased when I finally got it right and I think the yarn must have been glad too as the centre was unpicked so many times!

Close-up of centre of white crocheted lace shawl
centre of shawl

The inspiration for this collection comes from a while lace and lavender moodboard with a beautifully classic feel for a traditional crochet look. The border, constructed petal style, represents individual stems of lavender with their spiky leaves and tightly clustered flowers. I flared the border too in order to create a dramatic silhouette when the wearer turns or the breeze blows and was really pleased with the end result.

White cotton yarn and crochet tools

I worked up the sample in Scheepjes Cotton 8 and I would highly recommend using it if you can. It was so lovely to work with and really perfect for this particular project where it's matte smooth look allowed the stitches to be the main focus and provided a reall crisp result after blocking. It'll be perfect if you're wearing it over strappy summer tops and dresses and want something you can easily wash to remove sunscreen or make-up.

Seeing the finished project in the magazine was lovely. The photographs in this issue are so summery and rest of the collection are such amazing designs too.

Pattern: Lavender Lace Shawl

Yarn: Scheepjes Cotton 8 White

Do let me know if you make the shawl. I'm always so excited when I see that someone has used one of my patterns! I love to get comments on my blog too, so do let me know your thoughts on the design or ask any questions you have below.



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