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Taking Your Knitting and Crochet Projects Wherever You Go

Updated: Jul 9

woman knitting on a picnic mat with food and drink nearby
Enjoying a pic-knit!

In the picture: Tracks in the Snow Convertible Shrug on the needles and Wefan Wrap in the bag

Do you take your yarncraft projects out and about with you? Like many knitters and crocheters, my craft isn’t confined to home but taken along wherever I go: to work, social events, health appointments, family commitments. You name the location and my knitting or crochet is there too! During summer we see Worldwide Knit in Public Day  (crocheters also participate!) and there are there are plenty of opportunities for crafting outside the home, so my latest blog post looks at the whys and hows of taking your knitting and crochet projects wherever you go to help stitch some relaxation into your daily routine.

Make progress on your projects

Coffee, cake and a grey crochet strip with pink and purple crocheted flowers
Coffee cake and crochet

It can be hard to fit crochet into our lives. Amidst a demanding job, family commitments, social life and other activities, the days go past without a moment to stitch up projects we want to finish but if you take them along with you, you’ll be surprised at the opportunities you get to work a row or two and how soon your project is completed. 

Pick portable projects

collage of mittens, cowl and christmas bauble ornaments
Small projects are perfect partners

In the picture: Vivid Winter Collection

When selecting projects to take, opt for smaller, portable makes that are easy to carry and work on. Consider projects like blanket squares, toys, or accessories like  mittens, scarves or hats, that are convenient to carry and easy to start and stop for short bursts of creativity during breaks or commutes. Projects that use just one colour per row are easier to pull out and start stitching than complex colourwork with multiple bobbins attached. 

Choose the Right Tools for Knitting and Crochet Projects Wherever You Go

metal crochet hook with yarn and coffee

Investing in the right tools makes a difference too. A compact notions case keeps your tools neatly, while a project bag protects your project and yarn from tangling and dirt. Folding scissors are definitely handy to prevent injuries and damage to your project. Do consider using unbreakable tools such as metal hooks or circular needles for peace of mind and maybe leave fancy stitch markers at home. 

Be Prepared

lower half of woman's body with crocheted bag filled with yarn and tools
project bag packed and ready to go!

Before taking your works in progress outside the home, plan ahead. Pack your project bag with the right yarn, needles or hooks, scissors, notions, and your pattern. Don’t forget reading glasses too if you need them! Working from centre-pull balls or cakes helps prevent them rolling away while you work, causing frustration and embarrassment. Don’t over-pack though; will you really crochet through three balls of yarn outside your child’s piano lesson? Also, don't forget to choose a project that matches the level of concentration you’re likely to have; intricate lacework might be best saved for quieter moments.

Seize Every Moment

colourul knitted bag on train seat with a crochet project alongside
commuter crafting

In the picture: Day at the Beach Bag

While you're waiting for a meeting to start, using public transport, or enjoying your lunch break, take time to indulge in your favourite hobby. These moments can help you unwind and recharge. Not only will you make progress on your project, you'll gain a sense of achievement and calm to carry you through the rest of the day. 

Expect to make craft friends

Crocheting on-the-go can also be a great way to connect with other crafters who may admire your work or share their own passion for yarncraft. It always feels great to have your project praised by someone who understands the skills you have.

Enjoy the health benefits

colourful knitted garter and stocking stitch project in progress

In the picture: Nodo Infinito Shawl by Paola Albergamo

Focusing on the meditative rhythm of your stitches can help ease the stress you might feel from a long journey, hectic day at work or that dentist appointment you’re feeling nervous about; it quietens your mind, releases tension, and brings a sense of familiarity and peace.

Taking your crochet project on-the-go is not just a practical way to make progress; it's also a powerful tool for relaxation in our busy lives. So, pack your project bag, grab your tools and yarn, and take your crochet along with you.

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