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Woodland Sunrise Cropped Hoodie in Crochet Foundry

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

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I am really pleased to be able to let you know that my Woodland Sunrise Cropped Hoodie pattern is now available in the January issue of Crochet Foundry Magazine. I really love this design so it has been very hard to hold my tongue until the public launch of this issue today, Friday, 6th January 2023. If you would like to make your own version, you can get a copy of the magazine here (use my designer code LoveAndFibres15 to get 15% off the usual price in the first 30 days from the launch) and you will have the full pattern along with adjustment suggestions to make it just how you want it, styling tips and even a recipe for a delicious dessert. And that's just my contribution; there are four more beautiful patterns and some recipes too from the other designers in this issue. I was really impressed with how much information Crochet Foundry asked us to include in order to make the pattern work well for all readers and give some background to the designers and the design itself. Do take a look and see if your next project might be in there!

The Woodland Sunrise Cropped Hoodie is a lightweight but very warm garment that’s eye catching and easy to wear. The lace stitch of the body has an easy, meditative feel that is perfect to accompany time spent lost in your own thoughts or in a good audiobook/television programme, while the motifs have a more varied range of stitches to keep your interest and make an excellent portable project to carry with you on the go; definitely consider taking those if you are going to be a passenger on a long journey or as a waiting room make. I finished a few of those while my children were at dance class!

Dog walkers and schoolchildren cross open parkland with trees at the horizon and patches of mist close to the ground as the morning sun appears through and above the trees
Design inspiration photo for the Woodland Sunrise Cropped Hoodie

My inspiration for this project comes from pretty much exactly this time last year when my children started back at school after Christmas. As we walked across the park we could see the low winter sun peeping through the trees and a mist across the ground below as the dew evaporated. Just a few weeks ago I was able to get this photo of a similar view across the same park as the same season approached. Weren't we lucky to start our day with a view like that? Even if we start the walk to school feeling a bit rushed and grumpy, being close to nature always cheers us up and we reach school feeling more enthusiastic for the day ahead and even more so when we are treated to an extra specially beautiful view like this one.

I set to work swatching and sketching a few days later but was undecided about whether to make it a handknitting, crochet or circular knitting machine pattern and set it aside for a while as I worked on other things. Crochet Foundry's call for design submissions decided me on crochet as the way to go and I'm so glad as I really do like how the stitch patterns worked up and it was such an enjoyable make too. Can you imagine how excited I was when I got the email to let me know my design had been chosen? It was a great experience working with the team at Crochet Foundry. They were so kind, friendly and helpful.

Before too long, I had the lovely shades of the Furls Wander yarn in Sandbar, Conifer and Sunrise colours arrive at my door. Did you notice how well the yarn names matched the design inspiration? There is even a little sandy path under those trees! I was also sent a beautiful Furls Streamline Laurel 5mm (H) hook to use. Now, my hooks usually live in a little zipped bag in a drawer but I always feel like I should keep that one on display as it looks like a lovely wooden ornament! It's not just pretty though. It really makes crochet easy with its long, pointed tip and smooth finish. I so wish I'd had it when I was working on my Sugar and Spice bag pattern. It would have made all that waistcoat stitch so much easier!

The pattern and sample were mostly created while we were on holiday visiting my parents and my in-laws so the children could have fun with their grandparents who they'd missed so much during recent times while we weren't able to meet in person. That was a very enjoyable trip and having some lovely crochet to work on was an extra pleasure. I got to crochet in some really fun places from miniature trains to wildlife parks and beside lakes and pools, sandpits and playgrounds, soft play and a bouncy castle park and of course plenty in the car on the way there and back! After the children (and the grandparents, hehe!) were fast asleep after each busy day, I was able to get the next day's part of the pattern written out and update any errors I spotted in the text for the section I'd already crocheted that day.

When the pattern was complete, I needed it tested. The patterns in Crochet Foundry are checked by testers, crafters who make the pattern and give the designer feedback, plus by a Technical Editor who ensures that we include all the information you need and checks our maths, spelling, grammar, adherence to the style specified by Crochet Foundry so the terms used are familiar to all its readers and probably much, much more that I haven't realised! I was so lucky to have such great people check the pattern for me.

I was a bit puzzled initially about how to find someone who would test a secret project but the tester of one of my previous patterns Sharon (yarnballet on Instagram) kindly put me in touch with a friend of hers, Cassie (sunshinequeenfiberarts on Instagram), who was happy to take on the task of testing. I was amazed at how Cassie managed to fit the project in around her business and family commitments as she is a great designer and also creates amazing hand dyed yarn in the most beautiful colourways. I would definitely recommend taking a look at her Etsy store to see her yarns and designs. Just look at the stunning autumnal version of the Woodland Sunrise Cropped Hoodie she created! I get so excited whenever someone has made one of my patterns and sends me a photo of the finished result and when it looks this good - Wow! Cassie gave me lots of helpful feedback too and I was able to improve the pattern ready for Crochet Foundry's Technical Editor to make the final checks. Thanks so much Cassie and thank you to Sharon for the introduction; it's wonderful to know and work with other creative people.

two pear wedges rest on a pink/purple cream on top of an individual meringue nest. Finely grated chocolate is over the dessert and the blue and white plate
Port and Pear Nests: my recipe contribution

Seeing the final magazine was lovely. The photographs in this issue were taken in London and it was fun to see the hoodie amongst the Victorian houses and in front of a park that looks a lot like the one that inspired it. I even used the recipe I included to make our dessert yesterday. I'd never written down the right quantities before so it was handy not having to add more of this and more of that until it finally works like I usually do!

Pattern: Woodland Sunrise Cropped Hoodie

Published in: Crochet Foundry January 2023

Yarn: Furls Wander in Sandbar, Conifer and Sunrise

Recipe: Port and Pear Nests

Do let me know if you make the Woodland Sunrise Cropped Hoodie (or the Port and Pear Nests). I'm always so excited when I see that someone has used one of my patterns! I love to get comments on my blog too, so do let me know your thoughts on the design or ask any questions you have below.

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